The Most Popular Toys of 2009 |

The 2009 Toy Industry Association awards have come and gone, but many of the toys that won awards are still popular with kids. Toys are selected based on several factors, such as excellent of product design and safety, creativity and novelty and of course overall presentation. If you are not sure what to get your kids for Christmas which is not that far away, then look through the 2009 TIA awards list and pick the ones that are appropriate for your kids, you will not go wrong.Bakugan is still very popular with younger kids, and in 2009 the Bakugan Battle Brawlers BattlePack Series 1 Spheres, Spin Master won the top award for Boy Toy of the Year. It also won the Toy of the Year award from the TIA.Another popular item in the Bakugan family is the Bakugan Battle Crawlers cartoon show that appears on the Cartoon Network. You can buy this on DVD for your budding Bakugan warrior.Where would toy awards be if Crayola were not mentioned? The Activity Toy of the Year was the Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush. This no-mess activity is sure to be a hit again this year with parents of young children.LeapFrog frequently wins awards and 2009 was no different for them having won the Educational Toy of the Year for their LeapFrog TAG Reading System.We certainly cannot forget the girls in your family, and there have been a couple of great products for them as well. The first is Playmobil Horse Farm. The kit includes many accessories such as ponies, a kitten, wheel barrel, hay, ladder, and fences. While aimed at girls, boys may also enjoy this toy. This was given the Girl Toy of the Year award.Another fantastic toy that will keep her entertained, without all the mess of a real animal is the Electronic Entertainment Toy of the Year – FurReal Friends Biscuit My Lovin’ Pup by Hasbro. In fact year, after year we are starting to see more and more robotic toys make the awards lists. This goes to show that these types of toys are getting smarter and more realistic.If games are more appropriate for your kids then look at Bananagrams. Think of Scrabble without the board. Great game that allows kids to play without worrying about who is winning. Teaches kids how to build words, just like Scrabble.Lets not forget the infants/toddlers in your family. Elmo is still a popular toy for the really little ones, and in 2009 the award for Infant/Preschool Toy of the Year went to Elmo Live from Fisher-Price. Elmo is an interactive toy, just tickle his tummy, foot, back or nose, and you’ll find out. The little ones will have fun with this!

The Battle Doesn’t End With Miniature Toy Army Men Sets |

Green toy army men are what most young boys first play with. These youngsters would love to own a set of army toys. The figurines are usually two inches in length and classified as an American icon. Many parents regret the day they have made the decision to present this kind of toys which are sold in a bucket or a large bag to their children as these little toy men are often left scattered when they come home.The tiny toy soldiers have been around since the year 1930 and were originally constructed from metal. To produce more affordable miniature toys, plastic was then used after the Second World War. These toy soldiers have the traditional green color that represents the uniforms of the US Army. Other colors of these miniature toys have come out in the 1960’s to represent the opponents of the US in the Second World War which are in grey and yellow.Most of today’s army men toys are still designed and created with the uniform styles in the World War II. However, sets with modern uniforms and the uniforms in the Vietnam War are also available. In addition, it is ironic that many of these US Army toy soldiers are made by companies outside the United States. Majority of the green army toy men displayed on shelves are manufactured in the facilities of China.Toy soldiers have also appeared popularly in the cinema. One toy soldier appears with the slinky dog and Mr. Potato Head in the interesting movie entitled Toy Story. The first main job of the soldiers in the first Toy Story movie was surveillance on the new toys that have come up for Christmas. In the sequel of the Toy Story, the toy soldiers have returned for a minor role wherein they need to recover the hat of Woody from the toy box and hold the bedroom door open for Buster. In the third Toy Story movie, they were featured prominently.Only three of the original 200 soldiers have remained in the third Toy Story movie. Their appearance was highlighted in the last few days of their life in the room of the boy named Andy. The green army men have once again become popular as they made their appearance in several movies and with the use of YouTube. Amateur filmmakers are able to recreate a number of scenes in the classic battlefield with the affordability of these figurines combined with the many positions available.The store shelves would not run out of these toy army men sets since these are an American classic. They are always an all-time collectible for boys. Hunson retails a 150-piece set and the army men set in Combat Mission has 1,000 pieces.