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A lot of people have dreams of going global. It’s not just inventors of custom plush toys. Most industries have global players. If you’re just starting out, you’ll often dream of achieving that same amount of global success. Just like with plush stuffed toys. There are a lot of toy inventors who are now satisfying the demands of the global market. So a lot of times, you catch yourself daydreaming that someday, you’ll be that successful. You’re thinking that with the help of a great plush toy manufacturer, it can happen.So you share your dream with a few people. Unfortunately, it can be hard to encounter someone who’ll encourage you to go for it. A lot of people think that in the present economy, it’s just not possible. Don’t hate them. They actually may be correct especially if you’re just starting. If you have a great idea for custom plush toys, it could be that you and others will be saying that it’s a goldmine. However, there is a reason why a lot of people may say that you shouldn’t go global just yet. It’s not even advisable to go national with your plush stuffed toys when you’re just starting. Even the best plush toy manufacturer would have the same advice.But if your custom plush toys are so great, and your idea so unique, why can’t you just go national or global? This is a bigger question if you have a great idea for stuffed toys. Actually, nothing’s really stopping you from going all out. Sure, you can find the best plush toy manufacturer available and have them manufacture them by the tens of thousands. That’s the first concern right there. For you to be able to make a dent on a big stage, you would need to have a lot of stuffed toys. It’s actually a matter of ratio. Let’s say that you have 500 custom plush toys. If you’re going to sell them on a big stage, the effects will be scattered. Let’s say that a retail store in Asia bought 20 and a big company in Europe bought 10. You can scatter the rest all over the world. 20 plush stuffed toys in Asia wouldn’t really make a big dent. So even if you were able to sell all 500, the world didn’t really notice.But let’s say you contacted a plush toy manufacturer and you have a great idea for custom plush toys. Thinking strategically, you told your manufacturer that you’re planning on targeting your hometown. So you distribute 500 plush stuffed toys all over your local stores and they’re sold out in a few days. It will create a buzz around the city that there’s a new rage in toys. You can then make a new order and satisfy that huge demand. This cycle will continue until nearby cities will start to take notice. Before you know it, the whole state is clamoring for your toys.This is the more logical way of ensuring success with custom plush toys. You make calculated risks along the way and you get to gauge the reception to your plush stuffed toys in the process. With a great plush toy manufacturer producing your great toys in the process, you’ll be big in no time.

Making Your Own Cat Toys Is Easy, Inexpensive and Fun |

Ever looked at the prices on those cute cat toys? Which ones will your cat like? Will your feline friend treasure those that you have selected? Wish there was a way to make your own without spending a small fortune?Making your own cat toys is easier than you think. Your cat really doesn’t care if the eyes are straight or the nose is in the middle. Kitties like the feel and the smell of a toy and they like a toy that moves easily when they bat or push it. Simple homemade toys are not costly to make. You only need a few basic sewing skills, a piece of fabric that will appeal to your cat and of course, catnip.There are two main components needed to make your own simple cat toys (Fur fabric and fresh catnip). Faux fur can be purchased in the craft section of any of the big box retail stores. It usually has a selection of basic colors, white, black and grey. You can purchase a piece of faux fur for a few dollars, it will make several toys. Cut the fur into pieces about 4 by 4 inches (or any size that you like). Putting right sides together, sew three sides together. Turn the square right side out and stuff with fresh catnip. Sew the final side together. Poof, you have a toy that your kitty will love.You can get creative by sewing some strands of ribbon to one of the seams that gives the illusion of dangling legs. The moving ribbons entice kitty even further. If your fur baby likes things that jingle you can tie a bell to a ribbon and sew that into one of the seams. You could sew eyes, ears, etc. on the toy but kitty really doesn’t care about those things. The key things in this toy are the feel of the fur and the smell of the catnip. You don’t need anything complicated or fancy to make a toy that your kitty will love.The toy can be made with any type of fabric, a piece of an old shirt, pj’s or even a piece of a blanket or sweater. Make the toy in the same way by cutting the size you want, sewing three sides, stuff with catnip and sew the final seam. You can make multiple toys at the same time and store in a zip lock bag or tightly fitted container where kitty cannot open until you present it to him/her. I would strongly suggest that additional toys be kept in a secured cupboard to prevent kitty break ins!Don’t be surprised if you have lots of feline help while making the toys, your cat will want to play with it before you even finish it.

Popular Toys for Holiday 2010 |

As holiday season is just around the corner, parents all around the world are looking forward to find best toys and gifts that will make kids excited and happy. With huge variety of toys available, many parents get confused in choosing perfect toys for their kids. Deciding what to buy for kids for holidays has become a difficult task. If you want to delight your kids this Christmas without breaking your budget, then check out these “must have” Christmas toys for holiday 2010.Justin Bieber Dolls: This season’s top toy is undoubtedly, Justin Bieber doll. Justin Bieber dolls are on wish-lists of many kids, especially Justin Bieber fans. Needless to say, with introduction of Justin Bieber toys, millions of kids are going crazy. These Justin Bieber toys are based on Bieber’s appearances and looks on his music concerts and award functions.Zhu Zhu pets: Zhu Zhu pets’ hamsters were one of the hottest holiday toys last year and still they are on kids’ wish-lists for holiday 2010. These interactive toys have a wide range of Zhu Zhu pet playsets with different themes. Zhu zhu pets are battery operated toys which move like a true hamster and makes a sound based on settings. Kids will definitely love them because they come with many interesting accessories.Sing-A-Ma-Jigs: Next popular toy that is on its way to becoming the holiday sensation of 2010 is Sing-A-Ma-Jigs. Sing-A-Ma-Jigs are free-spirited characters in bright colors with retro ’70s style t-shirts. These crazy characters feature three modes of play including chatter, singing their own song or singing in harmony with their other Sing-A-Ma-Jig friends. They sing kid-friendly songs, so they’re great gifts for musically inclined kids and they are also good alternatives to usual teddy bears.Zoobles Toys: Zoobles toys by Spin Master will grab everyone’s attention this holiday season with their cute yet adorable faces. They are tiny colorful pets and can be magically transformed into tiny balls hiding from unknown, they’ll pop open and surprise you. They are available in different characters and kids are definitely going to want few of these adorable toys.Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster: Bigfoot – The Monster by Imaginext features a little monster with a big personality. This amazing interactive monster is sure to be a hit choice for every little kid. Imaginext Bigfoot Monster is a remote control toy, which shows many human actions and emotions like playing, anger, laughter, eating, exercising, etc. This toy is really great to keep kids occupied for many hours.All toys featured above fall under category of popular toys for holiday 2010. So, be sure to get your hands on these fantastic kids toys before they all sell out. Gift your little kid, one of these toys, or all of them. On top of it, these toys are safe, so you don’t have to supervise kids whenever they play. Last but not the least, best toys are the ones that are educational, fun, creative, safe and can be played with for years to come. Happy Holidays!