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As holiday season is just around the corner, parents all around the world are looking forward to find best toys and gifts that will make kids excited and happy. With huge variety of toys available, many parents get confused in choosing perfect toys for their kids. Deciding what to buy for kids for holidays has become a difficult task. If you want to delight your kids this Christmas without breaking your budget, then check out these “must have” Christmas toys for holiday 2010.Justin Bieber Dolls: This season’s top toy is undoubtedly, Justin Bieber doll. Justin Bieber dolls are on wish-lists of many kids, especially Justin Bieber fans. Needless to say, with introduction of Justin Bieber toys, millions of kids are going crazy. These Justin Bieber toys are based on Bieber’s appearances and looks on his music concerts and award functions.Zhu Zhu pets: Zhu Zhu pets’ hamsters were one of the hottest holiday toys last year and still they are on kids’ wish-lists for holiday 2010. These interactive toys have a wide range of Zhu Zhu pet playsets with different themes. Zhu zhu pets are battery operated toys which move like a true hamster and makes a sound based on settings. Kids will definitely love them because they come with many interesting accessories.Sing-A-Ma-Jigs: Next popular toy that is on its way to becoming the holiday sensation of 2010 is Sing-A-Ma-Jigs. Sing-A-Ma-Jigs are free-spirited characters in bright colors with retro ’70s style t-shirts. These crazy characters feature three modes of play including chatter, singing their own song or singing in harmony with their other Sing-A-Ma-Jig friends. They sing kid-friendly songs, so they’re great gifts for musically inclined kids and they are also good alternatives to usual teddy bears.Zoobles Toys: Zoobles toys by Spin Master will grab everyone’s attention this holiday season with their cute yet adorable faces. They are tiny colorful pets and can be magically transformed into tiny balls hiding from unknown, they’ll pop open and surprise you. They are available in different characters and kids are definitely going to want few of these adorable toys.Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster: Bigfoot – The Monster by Imaginext features a little monster with a big personality. This amazing interactive monster is sure to be a hit choice for every little kid. Imaginext Bigfoot Monster is a remote control toy, which shows many human actions and emotions like playing, anger, laughter, eating, exercising, etc. This toy is really great to keep kids occupied for many hours.All toys featured above fall under category of popular toys for holiday 2010. So, be sure to get your hands on these fantastic kids toys before they all sell out. Gift your little kid, one of these toys, or all of them. On top of it, these toys are safe, so you don’t have to supervise kids whenever they play. Last but not the least, best toys are the ones that are educational, fun, creative, safe and can be played with for years to come. Happy Holidays!