Making Your Own Cat Toys Is Easy, Inexpensive and Fun |

Ever looked at the prices on those cute cat toys? Which ones will your cat like? Will your feline friend treasure those that you have selected? Wish there was a way to make your own without spending a small fortune?Making your own cat toys is easier than you think. Your cat really doesn’t care if the eyes are straight or the nose is in the middle. Kitties like the feel and the smell of a toy and they like a toy that moves easily when they bat or push it. Simple homemade toys are not costly to make. You only need a few basic sewing skills, a piece of fabric that will appeal to your cat and of course, catnip.There are two main components needed to make your own simple cat toys (Fur fabric and fresh catnip). Faux fur can be purchased in the craft section of any of the big box retail stores. It usually has a selection of basic colors, white, black and grey. You can purchase a piece of faux fur for a few dollars, it will make several toys. Cut the fur into pieces about 4 by 4 inches (or any size that you like). Putting right sides together, sew three sides together. Turn the square right side out and stuff with fresh catnip. Sew the final side together. Poof, you have a toy that your kitty will love.You can get creative by sewing some strands of ribbon to one of the seams that gives the illusion of dangling legs. The moving ribbons entice kitty even further. If your fur baby likes things that jingle you can tie a bell to a ribbon and sew that into one of the seams. You could sew eyes, ears, etc. on the toy but kitty really doesn’t care about those things. The key things in this toy are the feel of the fur and the smell of the catnip. You don’t need anything complicated or fancy to make a toy that your kitty will love.The toy can be made with any type of fabric, a piece of an old shirt, pj’s or even a piece of a blanket or sweater. Make the toy in the same way by cutting the size you want, sewing three sides, stuff with catnip and sew the final seam. You can make multiple toys at the same time and store in a zip lock bag or tightly fitted container where kitty cannot open until you present it to him/her. I would strongly suggest that additional toys be kept in a secured cupboard to prevent kitty break ins!Don’t be surprised if you have lots of feline help while making the toys, your cat will want to play with it before you even finish it.